Aiki Jujutsu

is a legacy of Japan’s feudal era. This art was developed through
generations of intense personal conflict and warfare. The softness
in application of technique evolved because it was the most efficient
manner in which the Samurai warrior could defeat his enemy. This
art has been distilled from the most absolute of human physical
conflict, close hand to hand combat with edged weapons (specifically
the samurai sword and knife). Within this process Aiki -Jujutsu
has sought to transcend many of the supposed human limitations,
into a realm where the mind is dominant and led by the spirit.

Aiki-Jujutsu is a hidden or inner art in that it is not possible to
see what is really making the technique work. The basic tenet
is never to oppose force with force, but to direct and utilize
the power of the attack to overthrow the enemy with his own strength.
Eventually, with knowledge and training, it becomes possible for
the mind to freely lead the body into action with creative spontaneity.

Nami ryu means wave style and refers to the fact that energy travels in waves at every level of Universe reality. This wave effect is one of the underlying physical principles of our art. Practitioners of Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho seek to resolve physical and mental conflicts by recognizing and utilizing the relationships between the laws of physics and human physiology and psychology. The concepts of awareness, inner harmony, blending with an opponent, and integration with the laws of physical reality, are all used to facilitate an attackers defeat.