Kuroda Tetsuzan Sensei

Kuroda  Tetsuzan, sensei of the Shinbukan Kuroda Dojo, is the Soke of several ancient Samurai military disciplines. Kuroda sensei inherited this knowledge through his family line, and is the headmaster of the Kuroda family martial legacy. The arts that he has inherited include:
  • Komagawa-Kaishin ryu kenjitsu
  • Shishin-Takuma ryu jujitsu 
  • Tamiya ryu-iaijitsu
  • Tsubaki-Kotengu ryu bojitsu 
  • Seigyoku-Ogurirryi Sakkatsujitsu 
  • Kuroda sensei began his training at the age of 5 and was trained by both his father and his grandfather Kuroda Yasuji. Komagawa Kaishin ryu kenjutsu was founded by Komagawa Tarouzaemon-kunikichi. Kaishin is composed of two words kai and shin. Kai means change and shin means mind or spirit. Kaishin means changed mind  or spirit. This style of kenjutsu was founded 450 years ago. 

    Kuroda  Tetsuzan is an outstanding swordsman in the Japanese tradition.  He is almost magically fast at iaijitsu. These abilities come  from training from a very early age in a system that has a  very sophisticated theories and operating system. As in a  classical Samurai bugei Shishin-Takuma ryu jujitsu integrates  with the kenjitsu. It is a very soft subtle form of Jujitsu  which would be called by many a very sophisticated aiki application.  Kuroda sensei does not use the word aiki. When this word was  becoming popular his grandfather Yasuji felt that all jujitsu  should be that subtle and there was no need for a word to  describe it. 
    When  training with Kuroda sensei several arts are studied the kenjitsu,  iaijitsu, and jujitsu which have been mentioned also included  are the jo and the jutte. Mental training is an integral part  of the training regardless of weapon used. Kuroda sensei is  dedicated to keeping these ancient Samurai tradtions alive  in the modern world.