Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho is a school for training in the ancient martial arts that were the exclusive secret of the Samurai nobility. The curriculum covers a wide range of bugei (martial arts), which encompass skills that were once necessary for the Samurai warrior in the performance of his martial duties.

Our dojos have both male and female instructors and students. Some of us are physically strong, but many are not. Training focuses on concepts that do not depend on strength, power or physique. Instead, increasing one’s odds of victory depends upon strategy, precise movement, and the ability to make use of the tools at hand. This allows anyone, no matter what their physique, to effectively use Nami ryu techniques.

We value our relationship with all of our associates as well as our students. To maintain a top-level professional atmosphere in all Nami ryu class we have developed a system of standards and curriculum for all teachers.

The principle characteristic our students have in common is that they stay in the dojo a long time. They become family. Please come in and visit us. You’ll see what we mean.

Martial arts training in our dojo is a path towards self awareness, self confidence, the ability to defend oneself and the responsibility to defend others. Our path is to provide effective training, for people in their everyday lives that provides for their safety, serenity, peace of mind….along with their health and welfare.

2012 Inst seminarPlease visit us for a week of introductory free training, so you can get started on your path.