Hombu: Encinitas, CA

Dojo of the Four Winds                         To arrange to visit a class or get information about training with us,
337 Melrose Avenue                                                please emailNamiryuaiki@gmail.com
Encinitas, CA 92124


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 James Williams, Kaicho
is the head instructor at the
Dojo of the Four Winds




Please visit us for a week of introductory free training, so you can get started on your path.

Our Dojo has both male and female instructors and students. Some of us are physically strong, but many are not. Training focuses on concepts that do not depend on strength, power or physique. Instead, increasing one’s odds of victory depends upon strategy, precise movement, and the ability to make use of the tools at hand. This allows anyone, no matter what their physique, to effectively use Nami ryu techniques.

From our recent demonstration at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park:

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